TORQ Raspberry Ripple

TORQ Release Raspberry Ripple – A New Energy Gel

TORQ were very clever with this one. They had us all guessing for weeks before they announced that their new flavour energy gel is the delicious Raspberry Ripple!

Having been present during the TORQ Trail Team days, it was great to see everyone testing out TORQ’s existing range of energy gels, and the look of delight and surprise on their faces as they tasted them – Like a celebrity on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen after one of the resident chef’s has just rustled up something incredible – “mmmmmmmm, delicious.”

And now TORQ have done it again. Another amazing flavour that finds it self in very good company with Black Cherry Yoghurt, Orange and Banana, Strawberry Yoghurt, and the ever-popular Rhubarb and Custard… not to mention their sophisticated siblings, the Guarana-laced Forest Fruits and Banoffee.

Save a Packet!

The Raspberry Ripple also features a new, innovative design too. TORQ have reinvented their gel sachets with a clever opening, that only opens to a certain point of the packet, leaving the flap still attached. The concept behind this is to reduce littering that can often be a problem. Clever work!

Raspberry Ripple is here!
Raspberry Ripple is here!

It’s no secret that at Feetus, we love our TORQ products. This is why we have now stocked up BIG and started selling TORQ gels and bars by the BOX (not to mention as singles too!).

Variety is the Spice of Life

Can’t decide which flavour? Like to mix it up? No problem – We’re also offering all gels and bars in mixed boxes now.

So whether you’re a trail runner or a pavement pounder, a barefoot runner or an ultra-runner – you’re bound to need some TORQ!           ‘Fill yer boots’.

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