Xero Shoes Sensori Venture NOW IN STOCK at Feetus.co.uk!!!

Barefoot runners listen up.

The ready-to-wear barefoot sandal you can use for walking, hiking, yoga, working out, paddling, biking, even running 100-mile ultra-marathons is now available from Feetus.co.uk.

You no longer have to wait a fortnight for delivery from the US.

You no longer have to pay customs charges.

We have LOADS of Xero Shoes Sensori Venture in our UK depot. Simply order today, and you can have them tomorrow!! 

Introducing the Xero Shoes Sensori Venture

Key features:

  • Four fun colours — Charcoal (with a reflective black toe lace), Royal Blue (with a reflective blue toe lace), Lime Green, and Pink.
  • Exclusive FeelTrue® rubber outsoles, the only sole material made specifically for barefoot sandals. 5.5mm thick for great ground feel with the protection you want.
  • Elegant contour to hold your foot, but without unnecessary support.
  • Pre-laced — just slide in your foot and go
  • Patent-pending tension adjustment system — find the perfect fit in seconds, and then you can slide your Xeros on and off in a flash.
  • Super soft toe post — since the huaraches-inspired lacing goes around your entire foot, you don’t feel the toe post the way you do in a flip flop or other thong sandal
  • Super STRONG toe post — won’t pull through the sole like flip flops do
  • Heel cup — keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris, and adds a splash of color
  • Silicone Achilles strap — makes the lacing feel “not there”
  • Elevated ankle holes — the lace never touches the ground, and so it won’t abrade


Veggie Runners logo

Veggie Runners Put Xero Shoes to the Test

Create Your Xero Shoes With The Help of Veggie Runners

Feetus.co.uk recently kitted-out Jayne and Bibi with some Xero Shoes huarache sandals.

Armed with their brand-new running sandals DIY kit, they set to work making their own, customising them for the perfect fit, lacing them up in their own individual way, and made a short video to educate the rest of us on how to do it. For first-timers, they made it look so easy!! Take a look here:

Xero Shoes: Recommended

It seems they really like their Xero Shoes – and highly recommend them for beach use, swimming, and as a summer lifestyle sandal. Fully customisable, comfortable, and extremely practical; Xero Shoes are perhaps the handiest pair of ‘barefoot shoes’ you could possibly own!


They look awesome too, and come in black, mocha brown, Colorado sky blue, hot salmon pink, and electric mint green. You can also choose from loads of different-coloured laces, from standard colours to reflective ones – and then tie them in your own unique way. You can even choose whether you want a 4mm sole (Connect) or a 6mm sole (Contact) made from Xero Shoes’ patented FeelTrue rubber.


Massive thanks to Veggie Runners and to Zsolt from MothershipUK for making such a fabulous video. If you’d like to see more of their work, here are links to their websites:

Veggie Runners: www.veggierunners.com

Mother Ship UK: www.mothershipuk.com

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Would you like to treat yourself to a pair of Xero Shoes too? Take a look at our range of Xero Shoes here