Injinji Outdoor Toe Socks

The Injinji Outdoor toe socks are built for foot travel across any kind of terrain. Made from NüWool™, they are soft, odour resistant, and regulate temperatures for maximum comfort in hot and cold conditions. Their patented five-toe design eliminates blister-causing skin-on-skin friction, helps promote a natural splay, and frees you to use your entire foot for comfort and confidence on rugged trails. Midweight padding under your foot absorbs shock, arch support is built-in, mesh at the top keeps feet cool, and the cuff designs – crew and mini-crew – stay in place to seal out dirt and trail debris.

The Outdoor socks are incredibly comfortable thanks to the midweight padding and keep your toes toasty even in the harshest conditions! A firm choice for the Feetus team for Winter runs and walks. Check out the full range below.

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