We have put together an Injinji care guide with some tips and advice on looking after your socks. These are performance toe socks, designed to work at keeping you comfortable and performing at your very best. Follow the quick simple tips in our Injinji care guide and they will do that for longer!

Injinji Toe Socks Care Guide

Machine Wash

Your socks will naturally get dirty, whether from a muddy trail run, or just from everyday use. To extend the life of your socks, we recommend washing all Injinji socks on a delicate cold water wash.

Line/Air Dry

The best way to dry off your socks, whether at home or whilst you are out in the wild, is to air dry your socks on a washing line or similar.

Injinji socks naturally dry quickly due to the fantastic moisture wicking. Leaving them out to air dry will allow them to dry naturally, and keep them performing for many runs and hikes to come.

Injinji Toe Socks Care Guide
Injinji Toe Socks Care Guide

Clip Those Toenails

Nobody likes holey socks! They don’t look good, they don’t feel good.

To make sure you get the longest life from your Injinji socks, we recommend you keep your toenails trim and smooth. Long nails or jagged edges can increase the likelihood of the toe pockets holing over time, keeping them clipped and smooth helps prevent this.

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