Minimalist Running is Back!

Rediscover the Natural Way to Run

For many people the hallmark of a good life is all about feeling the sand between your toes or the grass beneath your feet each morning. There is a sense of having retired from the daily hustle and bustle of life and having ‘arrived’, when you have the leisure of that ever-elusive thing called TIME.

But what about those amongst us who don’t have the luxury to leave our 9 to 5’s or the city life yet? What about that innate longing within us to connect back to nature at its barest and feel the world beneath our feet?

Fret not! For there is a way – The Way of ‘Minimalist Running’.

We have seen a revival of barefoot running, something that has long been part of our history in the evolutionary scheme of things! Ask the Apes if you are cynical!

What do we mean by ‘Minimalist’?

By Minimalist, we mean natural running or barefoot running – and it’s certainly not just a fad! Minimalist / barefoot footwear is designed with a minimal midsole to make sure that you are able to run, walk, hike, climb and experience nature just as it was intended to be.

The past few years has seen this form of running take off. Long distance or short; people are combining workouts with outdoor and adventure and are now enjoying the experience and the benefits it gives to the entire body and mind.

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The entire concept here is to find a balance and harmony between the traditional support of a regular running shoe and the benefits of running barefoot. Shoes that mimic the feel of bare feet allow similar degrees of flexibility that vastly improves the body’s balance.  This ‘feel’ provides continuous feedback from the ground up and makes the runner more aware of pain that precedes injury and yet, giving the wearer protection over various terrain and hazards like rocks and stones, broken glass, and all subtle changes that occur constantly mile after mile.

Vibram Feet
Well… Sort of, but not quite

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Running this way is not only liberating, but performance gains are potentially huge too. We will discuss that in more detail our next blog post.

Vibram FiveFingers - Experience barefoot whilst still wearing shoes
Vibram FiveFingers – Experience barefoot whilst still wearing shoes