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Protective Socks That Offer ‘Barefoot’ Experience

We wrote a brief blog article back in February about the Swiss Barefoot ‘Protection Sock’. Fast-forward to the present day, and we now offer them at your favourite barefoot running store,

You don’t often see folk outside wearing socks without shoes, do you?

Swiss Protection Socks from Swiss Barefoot have created a sock for outdoor use. Similar to the likes of Injinji and ToeToe in the sense that the sock has individual pockets for your toes, the Swiss Protection Socks are designed to give you that barefoot feel, whilst giving you complete protection from gnarly bits and pieces that could potentially harm your precious feet.

Swiss Protection Socks: Barefoot Alternative Minimalist Natural Running Shoes the socks, SB claim these are “the first firm socks for the ultimate barefoot feeling without the risk of injury from sharp objects”. Not only do Swiss Barefoot recommend them for walking an running, but for a whole host of activities: rock climbing and water sports!
Swiss Protection Socks: Barefoot Alternative Minimalist Natural Running Shoes socks are made from 50% Kevlar (the cut-resistant stuff used in ropes and bullet-proof jackets), 32% polyester, 10% cotton, and 8% Spandex, with eco-friendly PVC laminated in to the sole.

Socks and Sockettes

Available at, we have the sock and the sockette. What’s the difference?

The sock comes up to the lower calf, often referred to as ‘crew’ length.

The sockette is shorter, coming up just above the ankle.

Get Some Today

True, these socks may cost more than a lot of running shoes out there – but at least you can pick them up from and benefit from FREE DELIVERY and as always, we throw in a FREE Feetus neck tube (snood) with every order of Swiss Protection Socks.

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