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Vibram Dazzle Fans At The Outdoor Retailer Show

Yesterday we brought to you news that Vibram FiveFingers are planning on releasing a cushioned ‘barefoot’ running shoe called the Bikila EVO. Today, we want to reveal another of Vibram’s latest innovations…


Introducing Vibram’s new Smart Concept Sole

If you asked Vibram to shed some light on what they think the future holds for sports footwear, you may get more than you bargained for. They may take out some shoes from a box, and literally shed some light.

Vibram Smart Concept Sole
Headlights, check!

Fitted with a remote controlled LED lighting system that allows the soles to illuminate the ground ahead, Vibram are expecting soles of future footwear to be embedded with sensors that warn the wearer of potential hazards. Interesting.

This was another of those ‘wow’ shoes recently exhibited at last week’s Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. They claim the Smart Concept Sole was inspired by military operations, firefighting and law enforcement, and the sole includes an integrated electronic board for controlling integrated hardware, as well as a fob-sized remote control. Further down the line, you could expect to see such remote actions being controlled by smartphone apps.

The Smart Concept sole has three brightness settings plus a flashing red LED tail light. Vibram envision the sole of the future to offer much more. Sensors with warning system, gas sensors, proximity sensors, an temperature sensors to name but a few.

Guaranteed to brighten up your nightlife
Guaranteed to brighten up your nightlife

vibramsmartconceptsole-2 vibramsmartconceptsole-5

Vibram's Smart Concept Sole - Guaranteed to brighten up your nightlife
Vibram’s Bright Idea


When Can I Expect To See These Dazzling Shoes?

A release date for such a sole is still a way off. The Smart Concept sole is still just a concept. While it may seem a little daft to some, take a moment to realise the benefits such a sole could have for sports such as ultra-running and night running, cycling and commuting by bike, camping, and other night-time activities. Vibram provide soles for some of the best-known shoe manufacturers in the world, so if they were to pursue this technology, it would most likely be at the request of a third part manufacturer (or at the request of my kids!!)


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