Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers were designed and created by the barefoot running enthusiast Robert Fliri and Marco Bramani the CEO and proprietor of Vibram worldwide in 2006. This unique style of footwear immediately became popular with those who wanted the barefoot minimalist experience as well as protection and grip, without compromising sensory ground feedback.

The release of the best selling book “Born to Run” by Christopher Macdougall in 2009 catapulted FiveFingers into the running world’s consciousness. The book describes the ultra-race between the Tarahumara tribe of Mexican Indians and the elite of the western world’s runners, the most famous of which was “Barefoot” Ted Macdonald who famously competed in FiveFingers.

Since then Vibram FiveFingers has extended their appeal beyond the running world. There are different styles of Vibram FiveFingers for every activity: training, martial arts, weight lifting, hiking, water sports and much more – just select the pair for you.

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