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Injinji Artist Designed Womens Trail Midweight Mini-Crew Running Toe Socks – (Vernal)

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***LIMITED EDITION*** Artist Designed Injinji Socks – The Sierra Collection. Engineered and cushioned for women who run far and hike fast on shifting, uneven trails, this midweight toe sock delivers comfort and protection with agility and support. Snug, but not binding, the double-cuffed mini-crew height seals out dirt, sand, and debris.

Injinji Womens Trail – Designed for women’s feet, our Spectrum Womens Trail Midweight Mini-Crew socks are engineered for uneven and unpredictable terrain and allow the entire foot to perform naturally. The colourful double cuff, unique to our Spectrum Trail Mini-Crew series, provides a snug fit around the ankle to keep dirt and debris out. COOLMAX® effectively wicks away moisture from the foot and between the toes and a mesh top allows breathability for your feet to stay dry and cool.

Moving with speed on uneven, shifting terrain requires your whole foot to perform naturally. The Injinji Womens Trail socks’ five-toe design minimises friction between the toes to help eliminate blisters, gives your foot the freedom to splay on impact, and lets you utilise your entire foot on narrow, uneven trails. Mini and traditional crew lengths seal out debris, performance materials wick moisture and provide durability, and midweight cushioning delivers protection and comfort without bulk. These socks handle any distance – ultra runners love them – and are a Team Injinji favourite.

The mini-crew length rests just above the ankle, fully covering and protecting the heel.

Injinji SS24 Artist Designed - Ad Wyatt

About Artist Designed

The Artist Designed series features Limited Edition sock styles created by talented artists. Each Artist Designed collection highlights a different artist in the outdoor community—showcasing their unique style and story. These inspired designs are sure to bring joy to every running adventure.

Wyatt Hersey
The Sierra Collection

“The first step with most of my design projects, once I have a rough idea of the constraints, is to start sketching ideas in my sketchbook. I use a pen which creates a distinct state of mind when drawing, and just doodle about, enjoying the freedom to make mistakes, abandon ideas, and be playful with my approach. Drawing in ink first forces me to commit more to the lines I’m drawing, which I’ve always found is a good influence in creating ideas. From there, I’ll take ideas I like, take a photo of them with my iPad, and trace over them in Procreate, sort of like using a lightbox back in the day. If the ideas are feeling good, I’ll move on to tracing over them one last time in full color. This process allows me to start in a way that feels fun and loose and then provides some simple steps to take that playful, loose doodle and develop it into something more refined.  “

Women’s Specific

Designed specifically to accommodate a female foot.

Injinji Trail Mini Crew Features & Benefits

Arch Support

Supportive band that offers a secure and stable fit.

Blister Prevention from Injinji Toe Socks

Blister Prevention

With each toe protected, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated protecting your foot from blisters & just as important, hotspots.

Moisture Management

Each toe is wrapped in sweat-wicking material so your foot will be drier and therfore more comfortable than in traditional socks.

Total Foot Utilisation

When your toes are separated, properly aligned, and splayed it distributes your weight evenly which allows your entire foot to be engaged in any athletic activity.

Mesh Top

Provides maximum breathability and ventilation on the top of foot.

Protective Cushion

Extra cushioning on the footbed to increase foot comfort.

Fibre Content

Fiber content: 66% CoolMax EcoMade® 28% Nylon, 6% Lycra®

Double Cuff

A thicker cuff to hold the sock comfortably in place while reducing chafing.

Women’s Specific

Designed specifically to accommodate a female foot.

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