Why Does Sergey Brin love Vibram Five Fingers?

Google‘s co-founder Sergey Brin was and is one of the biggest fans of Vibram FiveFingers and he is one of the early adopters too. While he gets involved in a lot of high adrenaline activities and takes care of his body like a temple, his choice seems evident. He has been seen flaunting his Vibrams since the early days  when the shoes just came out a few years ago by Italian footwear company Vibram. These are meant specially for barefoot running and the world of outdoors running is seeing more adapters to these style of ‘shoes’

In all his meetings, conferences and other social engagements Sergey loves to wear his Vibram FiveFingers barefoot running shoes. This is in line with Google philosophy of “You can be serious without a suit” where it does not ask its employees to wear formal clothing and rather encourages them to workout and exercise as part of their lifestyles. So, wearing a Five finger shoe might seem the cool  thing to do in Google, especially if the top boss is wearing them around constantly.

Vibram FiveFingers, not just stand out in the crowd but  the shoes have been well accepted in the tech and fitness community across countries. What really helps is that it  definitely aids in correcting Sergey’s posture after those long hours at office at a desk on his computer which is typical of any of us  corporate busy individuals isnt it? While spine problems are rampant in the tech industry, it’s also most other professionals who seem to be more and more afflicted with back issues.

And not just spine, Sergey and many others like him who swear by Vibrams are experiencing great blood circulation in their legs as the Five Fingers stimulate the same; since the feet are closer to the ground.

Surely it’s motivating to see the Google Man- ‘Sergey Brin’ keeping an active and healthy lifestyle and also contributing in making the world a better place. If he does this while wearing those beauties, then why don’t we give them a shot?

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David Beckham in Underwear and Vibram FiveFingers

Many of you will have seen the recent David Beckham photos on the news and the tabloids this week.

He’s been shooting a new advert for H&M, and was seen running around in his underwear on the rooftops in London!

What many of you probably didn’t notice is what was (or wasn’t) on his feet!!

While Golden Balls appears at first glance to be completely barefoot, he is in fact, wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. They have been disguised with some kind of skin-coloured latex to give the impression he’s running in bare feet!

The FiveFingers were supplied to him by our UK Suppliers. Did you guess what model they were?

Underneath that latex stuff, David Beckham was wearing the new-for-2013 EL-X. Interested in getting some for yourself? Just click the image below!

NEW FOR 2013: The Vibram FiveFingers EL-X
David Beckham’s Choice: The Vibram FiveFingers EL-X