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skora- torq xero shos running competition
It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation
Win a pair of Skora Base

SKORA BASE and FORM Reviews + SKORA Giveaway

Run Real with Skora

Barefoot and minimalist running fanatics in the UK have been crying out for Skora since their introduction to the US market in 2009. Now, are thrilled to announce that we will become UK stockists of Skora running shoes in the very near future.

Excited? You probably are. And we’ll be giving away a pair of Skora Base running shoes in March 2013. See more details here.

…In the meantime, here is our review of both the Skora Base and Form shoes.

First Impressions

Have you ever bought an Apple product? Perhaps you have an iPhone, a MacBook, or an iPod. If so, you’ll know that Apple place as must thought in to their packaging as they do their main product. This creates a special experience. You genuinely feel like you are getting an amazing, one-off product.

Skora are no different. Their shoe box looks and feels such high quality (no flimsy tissue-box here!)– magnetic closure, classy branding, sleek design – you know there’s going to be something amazing inside.

Opening up, the first thing that hits you is the smell. They honestly do smell great! How often do you smell leather when you open up a box of running shoes?

Skora Form and Base side by side
“High Five”: The Skora Form and Base

Enough about the box. What about the shoes?

The Sole

Both the Base and Form have the same zero-drop sole, that comprises of an outer sole, midsole, and an insole. You will see from the images that we have a 4mm rubber tread with raised lugs for grip. On top of that is 5mm of a softer rubber that features a quirky pattern (consistent with design on upper and on box).

The insole is around 5mm, and features small ‘bumps’ which are designed to help your foot grip the inside the shoe better. These small bumps feel great – like a mobile massage!

The shoes are definitely built for use on the road, the treadmill, or hard-packed trails – Not so much for rugged terrain.


Skora Base sole
The Skora Base bares its sole

The Uppers

The difference between the Base and Form is all in the upper. The Base is made from synthetic material for breathability. Across the top is a cross-strap which Velcro’s on the outer side of the foot.

The Form is a little more luxurious; its upper made from Pittards goatskin leather, and features a diagonal lacing system that follows the contour of your foot. There is no separate tongue, so the leather behind the laces will always stay in place (similar to the New Balance Minimus range).

The inside of the shoe is sheepskin-lined. This incredibly soft material is extremely comfortable and quite grippy, keeping your foot firmly in place on the run. The Form also comes with a spare pair of laces to match the sole of the shoe (Nice touch!).

Both models feature a rear-strap Velcro, which allows you to tighten the shoes further, should you wish to.  The toe box on both models is sufficiently wide, giving your toes the important space to splay as you run.


Skora Base Running Shoes
The Skora Base. Futuristic
The Skora Form, spare laces, and ortholite insole
On Top: The Skora Form, spare laces, and ortholite insole

Fitting and Feel

The Base feels a little more snug than the Form. I have narrow feet and for me, the Base is a perfect fit, with the cross-strap Velcro offering the right amount of tightness. The Form seems to have a wider toe box, which would be better for runners with wider feet. The rear strap offers very little in terms of increasing tightness around the heel.

I love to run in shoes that have as minimal sole as possible. I found that, in order to get the desired level of ‘feel’ from my run in these shoes, I had to remove the 4mm insole. The combined stack of 13mm (sole, midsole, insole) was a little too thick for my liking.

The soles offer the right degree of flexibility and sturdiness for running. They won’t roll-up like a pair of Vibram FiveFingers, but they certainly aren’t as stiff as a pair of Asics! …For comparison sake, they are perhaps as flexible as the New Balance MT10s.

What do I love about Skora shoes?

  • Amazing, built-to-last quality
  • Very attractive (Wired magazine called the Form ‘The Bentley of running shoes’)
  • Zero-drop heel to toe
  • The cross-strap system on the Base. Looks great, easy to fasten – A possible triathlon favourite?
  • Good road grip
  • Wide, roomy toe box

What could be improved / What I would like to see

  • The luxury of leather on the Form means it is heavier, and less breathable.
  • Further weight reduction
  • A further stripped-down sole
  • An alternative model with aggressive sole for trail use
  • More attention on the purpose of the rear strap


I haven’t tested these shoes out in a race yet, so a comment on their performance will follow later in the month; but for now, I have high expectations – especially for the closer-fitting, lighter (and cheaper!) Base. Bring it on.

There is certainly a lot to love about both the Base and Form. Minimalist runners will enjoy the zero-drop, though may crave a lighter, thinner sole. For anyone who does like a little extra cushioning, or is looking for a first shoe to transition in to a more minimalist running shoe – Skora is a perfect choice. I can’t wait to see their forthcoming Phase and Core models later this year. #RunReal.

Fancy winning a pair? Head over to our Facebook page!


And finally, for the weight-weenies out there:

Skora Base: 254g (225g without innersole)

Skora Form: 270g (241g without innersole)

Removable Ortholite innersole: 29g

Skora Base weighs 254g
Lightest: The Skora Base weighs in at 254g
You can reduce the weight of your Skora shoes by almost 30g by removing the ortholite innersole
You can reduce the weight of your Skora shoes by almost 30g by removing the ortholite innersole
Skora Form weighs 270g
The Skora Form comes in at 270g


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