PRODUCT REVIEW: Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon

Why Should I Choose the Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon?

If you love Vibrams, but are looking for something more rugged, more trail-friendly, yet minimalist, the Spyridon could be the perfect shoe for you. But is the Spyridon as good as it looks? takes these trail-suited barefoot shoes to the test and offers an unbiased review…


The Spyridon look incredible. They feature a laceless, hook and loop Velcro closure system similar to the likes of the KSO and Trek Sport. This system hugs your ankle and folds through a loop over the instep of your foot.

The upper fabric is a coconut fibre material, which is both flexible and breathable, whilst reducing odour.

The upper also features a very attractive design with a kind of semi circle pattern atop a painted material. The shoes are not waterproof or water resistant, so if you’re planning on using these FiveFingers in the rain then you’re bound to experience wet feet. Of course, for most Vibram-wearers, this is quite expected.


The main reason you would buy a pair of Spyridons is for the sole. The sole is very reminiscent of a mountain bike tyre, with a knobby, ‘grippy’ tread. This tread features quadrilateral lugs that lean and face in different directions, supposedly to offer grip and aid agility when running on trails.

The shoes perform wonderfully in dry conditions. Take these out over some dusty trail or dry single-track and you will be extremely impressed. They offer a great deal of traction, cope well with quick changes of direction, and feel reliable when negotiating technical sections. Providing you are light and nimble on your feet, the sole provides adequate protection, giving you confidence to give it your all on your off-road run.

The Spyridon Sole
The Spyridon Sole

The performance in wetter, muddier conditions diminishes somewhat. I found the Spyridons to lack adequate grip to cope with the demands of technical trails in wet mud. Over 12-miles of the Cleveland Way on a cold, wet day, the Spyridons did not give me the confidence to attack the trails with conviction, and I found myself holding back to avoid slipping too much.

Additionally, I found that once water found its way in to the shoes, they became uncomfortable and not breathable enough.


  • Perform admirably in dry conditions
  • Perfect for trail running and
  • Good barefoot feel, though not as much as Vibram FiveFingers KSO
  • The look incredible – a great design
  • Good, secure fastening
  • Toe protection


  • Lack adequate grip in wet conditions
  • Not breathable enough in wet conditions
  • They run slightly small


  • Dry trail running
  • Obstacle events such as Tough Mudder (the glove-like fit and Velcro fastening means you won’t lose these shoes in deep mud!)
  • Outdoor boot camps
  • Trekking



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