Steve Kalclash – First Impressions of the Trek Ascent

Steve Kalclash, a die-hard vegan and barefoot running fanatic, normally does the bulk of his running on the road, but we wanted to get his verdict on the new Trek Ascent. So he’s recently been putting in the miles off-road, trail running, and he made this short video to let us all know his first impressions of the Trek Ascent.

Who is Steve Kalclash?

For those of you that don’t know Steve, he is an inspirational character. His YouTube channel is growing bigger all the time and his videos range massively; from his vegan diet to product reviews, and training tips involving running, cycling, and weight lifting. His favourite Vibram FiveFingers model (given he is a road runner) is the Bikila EVO, but he’s a massive fan of the KSO EVO too. He also reviewed the KSO EVO earlier this year for us. See the video here. 

The Trek Ascent – An Overview

In the Trek Ascent ‘Family’ there are three styles all featuring the same patented MEGAGRIP sole. They are all great for trail running, hiking, trekking, and casual use. The sole offers great grip on all surfaces, but is not too aggressive, making it still a good choice for road running too.

The TREK ASCENT is the original, featuring a synthetic upper fabric. The lightest in the range, the Ascent is fast and grippy, ideal for off-road racing and mud obstacle events (i.e. Tough Mudder). The synthetic, lightweight upper fabric means the shoe dries quicker should you get it wet.

The TREK ASCENT LR is exactly the same as the TREK ASCENT, expect the upper fabric is a combination of Hemp and Kangaroo Leather. This combination of materials makes the shoe naturally water-resistant and more durable.

The TREK ASCENT INSULATED is the newest style in the range, and is reinforced with wool inside the shoe making it really warm. Ideal for winter and cold weather.


Kalclash reviews the KSO Evo for

The KSO Evo – First Impressions from Steve Kalclash

Steve Kalclash from Kalclash Fitness reviews the KSO EVO

Steve is fanatical about Vibrams, and has been a Feetus Fan for a long time. His YouTube Channel is building up a very loyal following, covering various topics from triathlon, vegan living, and of his passion for Vibrams. We just love his no-nonsense, candid approach to reviews.

We couldn’t believe that after covering more than 2,000 miles in his collection of Bikilas, he hadn’t ever tried a pair of KSO EVO – so we intervened and this is what Steve thinks of his new KSO EVOs.

You can now watch his video review below.


To see the full range of KSO EVOs – click here

…and we think they’re fantastic too! So great, in fact, that we paid tribute to the KSO EVO in our recent blog post (after 950 miles of running in them!).

What do you think about the KSO Evo?

We’d love to hear what you think about the KSO Evo too! How close is it to barefoot running? Are these your favourite minimalist running shoes? What do you use them for mostly? Leave a comment and let us know…

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Customer Reviews of

What Customers Think of

Ever stumbled across an online store; you like their prices, the site has a nice feel, but you have never heard of the company and it might just put you off? I have. What’s the next thing you do? You might type in Google: “customer reviews of website x” to see what other people think of them… Depending on how others have rated that particular online store, this makes an impact on your decision…

You Love (The Highest Rated Sport Shop!!)

Luckily for us, our customers love us. We love to give the best possible customer service. We like to throw in freebies, and surprise our customers. We’re here to offer help and advice, whether you email us, phone us (07749 545 631), or chat to us via our online chat facility. And to prove that our customers love us, here’s a list of our most recent reviews:

Customer Reviews of

Lou H: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Fantastic service. Can not fault them as a company. Great on line advice, prompt postage, after sales care and discounts. Don’t hesitate purchasing from feetus.

David Turner: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Great service, speedy delivery and love the extras you get to, Thanks will use again.

Sam Cassidy: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

I initially received a pair of Vibram five fingers that I couldn’t get on because of my high arches. When I contacted Feetus and explained, they were only too happy for me to exchange the product. However, some time elapsed before I was able to post the shoes back for a replacement pair (lace ups) but they were still happy to help me out. I’m really grateful as I love my new lace-up five finger running shoes and can’t wait to start training for my next ultra marathon in them.
Thank you so much for the brilliant customer service – I’ll definitely be shopping with you again :).

Amita: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 4 / 5 / 5

I had ordered Vibram five fingers KSO shoes for my son. The responsiveness of Feetus team was exceptionally good. Team was always online to help me to resolve my queries, track the order and ensured that I will get the shoes delivered in less than 24 hours duration. The shoes were packed well along with the toffees :). Also the quality of shoes was very good.
Feetus is very trustworthy and responsible group. I would encourage people to buy sports accessories / shoes etc. Online from Feetus UK.

Karl Cushway: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

I remember talking to Lee before he opened his store and it was good to see someone who knew about the products he was selling. I’ve bought from him a number of times and will continue to buy from him in the future. There are some fantastic offers and you won’t be able to find shoes for a cheaper price, along with the advice and expertise offered to help you make the right purchase.

Zoma: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 4 / 5 / 5

I finally decided to jump on the minimalist wagon. I wanted to get my Vigrams from a recommended retailers. Feetus were absolutely brilliant. I received immediate confirmation of my order and within 2 days I was walking around in my new 5 fingers. Totally recommend this company. Super service.

Rhys Robinson: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Briliant customer service. Initial had some sizing issues with the Vibram SeeYa and Lee was fantastic in advising me in what shoe would fit my training needs. I should have phoned to start with but I am not use to such good service from a seller!! Ended up going with the Komodo, also bought some Red Venom calf guards and these are better than my Skins!! Would recommend to any one!

Jennifer Howland: Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Great value – the cheapest I have found for a new pair of vibram’s. Dispatched quickly so far so good


Vibram FiveFingers Trek Sport Sandal

Vibram FiveFingers Trek Sport Sandal Review

Are you looking for the perfect ‘barefoot’ trail running shoe to wear during summer? The Vibram FiveFingers Trek Sport Sandal may be the perfect option.

The KSO Trek Sport is one of the bestsellers at It features a fantastic sole, ‘grippy’ enough for trail running, yet not too rugged making it a good choice for running too. Many love the Trek Sport for their boot camp training too. Versatile and practical.

BUT… When I first heard saw the images of the Trek Sport Sandal, I thought Vibram had gone mad! Why would they make a ‘barefoot’ sandal with five toe pockets and a rugged sole? Then I saw the recommended retail price. £110 for a sandal… Who in the right mind would pay that?

That is – until the BIG Vibram FiveFingers SS13 shipment arrived on our doorstep. I was bowled over by the Trek Sport Sandal as soon as I saw it in the flesh.


  • Lace-up system on top.
  • Zig-Zag pattern on the side
  • Rugged ‘Trek’ sole


My Trek Sport Sandal’s made their debut running the 17-mile Osmotherley Phoenix. I toed the line as the only wearer of Vibram FiveFingers.

The Trek Sport Sandal coped very well on the rugged terrain. Much of the route covers the Cleveland Way, which is a mix of woodland trails, singletrack, stony paths and old rock paths. I was concerned that the vents in the side of the shoes would let gravel in, but this was never an issue.

The Sandals were in their element with it being such a hot (29C) day.

After 12 miles I could feel the shoes starting to rub. I suppose this is natural, given that this was the very first time I had ever worn them running. All new shoes take time to ‘bed in’, and before starting, I was expecting blisters.


The Trek Sport Sandal is a very capable ‘barefoot’ running shoe, and handles dry terrain with ease. Comfortable on various terrains, the Sandal is best suited to warm-hot days when the ground is dry.

If you’re a fan of the Trek Sport, you will love the Sandal version. I certainly prefer this to the Trek Sport, mainly due to its breathability and without question its aesthetics. The Trek Sport Sandal looks awesome!

I do feel that Vibram have got their price wrong for these shoes though. £110 is a HUGE amount to fork out on what is advertised as a ‘sandal’. Without knowing exactly how good these are in advance, its difficult to say whether I would be willing to splash the cash on these – but now I have them, they are my go-to pair of Vibrams for trail running as well as day-to-day use during warmer days.


Interested… Get yours here: Trek Sport Sandal

Perhaps you’d prefer the KSO Trek Sport?

…Free Delivery on all Vibrams – PLUS – a free Feetus neck tube

Neo Trail in Navy Blue (Ladies only)

Product Spotlight: The VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail

Looking for a ‘barefoot’ running shoe that can handle the trails with confidence? Look no further than the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail.

The Look

It is clear to see by looking at the Neo Trail that this shoe is of very high quality. The upper is double-stitched and made up of a strong, breathable material. The inner features little but adequate padding around the ankle and the tongue giving the shoe a very comfortable feel, without being too suffocating.

The Sole

As with all VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, the sole is ultra-thin to provide maximum proprioception, whilst being puncture-resistant. Barefoot runners will be pleased to know that the toe box offers generous room to allow your toes to splay and expand naturally.

The lugs on the sole provide incredible grip when hitting the trails. We recently reviewed the Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon trail shoe, and were disappointed with its performance in wet, muddy conditions. You won’t find that problem with the Neo Trail (or its little brother, the Breatho Trail – which features the same sole).

The shoes come with a removable insole. This is a nice touch, and gives you the flexibility to play with the amount of barefoot / ground feel that you want.

The Performance

On trails, both in the dry and wet, the Neo Trail performs admirably. The shoes handle technical descents, dirt, slippery rocks etc with complete ease. The Neo Trail is also extremely durable, and you will find that you will be able to clock up some serious mileage before any notable signs of wear.

Buying a Pair

We stock a range of Neo Trails for both ladies and gentlemen, in different styles and colours at Why not take a look (especially while we’re offering up to 44% off!)

Neo Trail in Black
Neo Trail in Black
Neo Trail in Black / Yellow
Neo Trail in Black / Yellow
Neo Trail in Light Grey / Red
Neo Trail in Light Grey / Red
Neo Trail in Navy Blue (Ladies only)
Neo Trail in Navy Blue (Ladies only)

Check out the rest of the VIVOBAREFOOT range by clicking here…

Product Spotlight: The VIVOBAREFOOT Evo (£35.99)

The VIVOBAREFOOT Evo was released many moons ago, back in Spring 2010 (about the same time as the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila!), and has gone on to be one of the most popular shoes in the VIVOBAREFOOT range…

The Evo is an amazing shoe because it leaves your feet to function how nature intended. You’ll get maximum proprioception, whilst the sole protects your feet. You won’t find any cushioning, stabilisation, support or any of that nonsense in this ‘barefoot’ shoe – The Evo simply encourages you to run with your barefoot running form.

The Fit

As with all VIVOBAREFOOT models, the Evo features a wide toe box to allow your toes to splay in a natural way, to grip and to breathe. The sole is puncture-resistant, yet it so flexible that you can roll up the shoe!

The Price

We’ve slashed this price down (as well as many other VIVOBAREFOOT styles) for both men and women and wanted to tell you about it… Pick yours up from today for just £35.99. BARGAIN!

Gentlemen's EVO
Gentlemen’s EVO
Ladies' EVO
Ladies’ EVO

Check out the rest of the VIVOBAREFOOT range by clicking here…

PRODUCT REVIEW: Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon

Why Should I Choose the Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon?

If you love Vibrams, but are looking for something more rugged, more trail-friendly, yet minimalist, the Spyridon could be the perfect shoe for you. But is the Spyridon as good as it looks? takes these trail-suited barefoot shoes to the test and offers an unbiased review…


The Spyridon look incredible. They feature a laceless, hook and loop Velcro closure system similar to the likes of the KSO and Trek Sport. This system hugs your ankle and folds through a loop over the instep of your foot.

The upper fabric is a coconut fibre material, which is both flexible and breathable, whilst reducing odour.

The upper also features a very attractive design with a kind of semi circle pattern atop a painted material. The shoes are not waterproof or water resistant, so if you’re planning on using these FiveFingers in the rain then you’re bound to experience wet feet. Of course, for most Vibram-wearers, this is quite expected.


The main reason you would buy a pair of Spyridons is for the sole. The sole is very reminiscent of a mountain bike tyre, with a knobby, ‘grippy’ tread. This tread features quadrilateral lugs that lean and face in different directions, supposedly to offer grip and aid agility when running on trails.

The shoes perform wonderfully in dry conditions. Take these out over some dusty trail or dry single-track and you will be extremely impressed. They offer a great deal of traction, cope well with quick changes of direction, and feel reliable when negotiating technical sections. Providing you are light and nimble on your feet, the sole provides adequate protection, giving you confidence to give it your all on your off-road run.

The Spyridon Sole
The Spyridon Sole

The performance in wetter, muddier conditions diminishes somewhat. I found the Spyridons to lack adequate grip to cope with the demands of technical trails in wet mud. Over 12-miles of the Cleveland Way on a cold, wet day, the Spyridons did not give me the confidence to attack the trails with conviction, and I found myself holding back to avoid slipping too much.

Additionally, I found that once water found its way in to the shoes, they became uncomfortable and not breathable enough.


  • Perform admirably in dry conditions
  • Perfect for trail running and
  • Good barefoot feel, though not as much as Vibram FiveFingers KSO
  • The look incredible – a great design
  • Good, secure fastening
  • Toe protection


  • Lack adequate grip in wet conditions
  • Not breathable enough in wet conditions
  • They run slightly small


  • Dry trail running
  • Obstacle events such as Tough Mudder (the glove-like fit and Velcro fastening means you won’t lose these shoes in deep mud!)
  • Outdoor boot camps
  • Trekking



Buy your Spyridons at   

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