Royal Mail Black Friday Delays

I am getting a lot of emails chasing up orders placed on Black Friday weekend, I am trying to get through these as soon as possible, but there is a large influx in emails so there may be a delay in getting a reply. I completely appreciate how frustrating it is, but please refrain from sending multiple emails on the same order if I have not replied yet, as this just slows me down, I will get through these ASAP. Really appreciate your patience on this.

If your order is marked as dispatched, then it has been packaged up and handed over to the Royal Mail. Any further updates are reliant on parcels working their way through Royal Mails backlog and tracking system.

Orders placed after 2pm on Wednesday 23rd November would not have been physically processed by Royal Mail until Monday 28th November. The Royal Mail were on strike on 24th and 25th November meaning no collections were made until Monday. Following this, there were more industrial strikes Wednesday and Thursday 30th November and 1st December.

I am sure that you can appreciate given the time of year and the fact that there has been 2 weekend and 4 strike days since the orders were placed that there is likely to be delays with all orders. I am asking all customers to allow at least 2 weeks from the day it left our warehouse whilst it progresses through a backlogged and extremely busy network.

Please allow extra time for your order to be delivered, there are many people waiting and unfortunately this is completely out of my control, until a parcel is delivered and returned or enough time has passed (around 3-4 weeks in the current climate) then I are unable to refund the item. I will do my absolute very best to ensure orders do arrive before Christmas.

Given that the strike action took place over the busiest retail weekend of the year I am anticipating a huge backlog and severe delays whilst they clear the backlog created by a huge increase in parcels and the lack of days that they have been at work to process them.

We hope that you understand that the action that Royal Mail have taken has had a massive impact on all retailers and we ask for your patience at this time. Please be aware that there are another 2 strike days this week (9th and 11th December) and another 2 next week (14th and 15th December), which I appreciate this is not ideal and believe me is equally as frustrating for myself as it is my customers.

Feetus (me) are unable to do anything to chase these parcels, make them come any quicker and we just have to be patient whilst they work through all of your orders. Please rest assure that if I have sent you a dispatch notification then your order has been fulfilled by me and is now in the hands of a gridlocked postal system of which I have no control over.

I am actively looking for other options to deliver parcels on the run up to Christmas, and hope to have something in place by the end of day tomorrow (Friday 9th December).

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

For more information please check the Royal Mail website here: