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Competition Update: Four Lucky Winners of TORQ Goodie Bags

We had a bit of an impromptu competition last month, whereby every customer that submitted a review of on FreeIndex would be entered in a to a prize draw to win one of four TORQ Goodie Bags.

Today, we announce the four winners are:

1. Mrs Kay Stokes

2. Roy Chapman

3. Mike Allwood

4. Kev Clarke

Your TORQ Goodie Bags are on their way to you!

TORQ Goodie Bags
Congratulations to our four lucky winners!



Click here to see our range of TORQ sports nutrition – Gels, bars, sports drinks, – They are fantastic!

We offer TORQ’s range by the box, in single units, and in mixed boxes.

Write a Review for Feetus and WIN A TORQ GOODIE BAG

At Feetus, we strive to offer the best customer service we possibly we can. We always like to offer greats deals on your favourite barefoot and minimalist shoes too – and to top that off, we give you free delivery and a free Feetus neck tube when you spend over £50! 

Since we launched in February earlier this year, we have received so much positive feedback. It seemed a shame to let any more go to waste, so we decided to sign up to FreeIndex and have our customers make their thoughts about us public. As it so happens – our customers seem to like us.


Feetus - Five Star Reviews  and 1st sport shop in the UK!
Feetus – Five Star Reviews and 1st sport shop in the UK!

Here’s a little snapshot of some of our customer’s comments:

“Not only did I get the best price available online, I also received free delivery and some little gifts inside my shoe box – a Feetus ‘Buff’ and some Haribos! How cool is that?!”

“Feetus have been excellent at talking me through the differences in the various shoes and helping me decide which ones would suit me best. They were very patient with my many questions and I received a very high standard of customer service. I would definitely use them again and I am very pleased with my new shoes. I ended up with the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila and they are superb. “

“t’s my third time ordering from them within a month. I already had one pair of Vibram FiveFingers Speeds and now they have me hooked. Excellent prices for genuine FiveFingers and nice little gifts packed into the shoe boxes, what more could a girl ask for? “

“Can’t speak of Feetus highly enough, I’ve ordered twice from them now and I will continue to spread the good word of this company as much as I can. Thanks so much Feetus, you deserve the good feedback!!”


If you’re a Feetus customer, why not write a review for us?

This July, we’re offering all reviewers the chance to win one of four TORQ goodie bags. Simply submit a review – and we’ll draw four random winners at the end of the month. Easy peasy!

Submit a Feetus review and you could win a TORQ Goodie Bag
Submit a Feetus review and you could win a TORQ Goodie Bag


TORQ Raspberry Ripple

TORQ Release Raspberry Ripple – A New Energy Gel

TORQ were very clever with this one. They had us all guessing for weeks before they announced that their new flavour energy gel is the delicious Raspberry Ripple!

Having been present during the TORQ Trail Team days, it was great to see everyone testing out TORQ’s existing range of energy gels, and the look of delight and surprise on their faces as they tasted them – Like a celebrity on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen after one of the resident chef’s has just rustled up something incredible – “mmmmmmmm, delicious.”

And now TORQ have done it again. Another amazing flavour that finds it self in very good company with Black Cherry Yoghurt, Orange and Banana, Strawberry Yoghurt, and the ever-popular Rhubarb and Custard… not to mention their sophisticated siblings, the Guarana-laced Forest Fruits and Banoffee.

Save a Packet!

The Raspberry Ripple also features a new, innovative design too. TORQ have reinvented their gel sachets with a clever opening, that only opens to a certain point of the packet, leaving the flap still attached. The concept behind this is to reduce littering that can often be a problem. Clever work!

Raspberry Ripple is here!
Raspberry Ripple is here!

It’s no secret that at Feetus, we love our TORQ products. This is why we have now stocked up BIG and started selling TORQ gels and bars by the BOX (not to mention as singles too!).

Variety is the Spice of Life

Can’t decide which flavour? Like to mix it up? No problem – We’re also offering all gels and bars in mixed boxes now.

So whether you’re a trail runner or a pavement pounder, a barefoot runner or an ultra-runner – you’re bound to need some TORQ!           ‘Fill yer boots’.

Don't hit the wall - TORQ Gels

Torq Logo

The Torq Trail Team: 2013 (An Extraordinary Weekend)

Question: How often do you get the chance to meet with a load of like-minded people, attend a presentation by a top ultra trail runner, trial a full range of the best sport nutrition on the market, and then take guided runs through some beautiful Shropshire trails?

Answer: Not very often (unless you’re a pro runner).

Well that’s exactly what Torq (in association with FreeStak) put together for a group of trail runners this weekend.

A Trail Team is (Almost) Born

This was billed originally as an ‘Assessment Day’ to help select a small group of amateur trail runners to form the inaugural Torq Trail Team. Not only would this team proudly represent Torq at events across the country and have a healthy supply for Torq goods at their disposal – but they would also be taken for a training holiday to cover the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) circuit. Not bad eh?

Saturday: Education. Inspiration. Perspiration.

The format of the day was very relaxed. After an hour of socialising, a brief introduction from the charismatic Simon and Julie from FreeStak, we received a fantastic presentation from Torq’s nutritional guru, Ben. It’s fair to say that we all learned an awful lot from what became an interactive session covering all aspects of ‘fuelling’ on the run. Don’t hit that wall!

We were then treated to a superb session with Stuart Mills. Thought-provoking, inspirational, controversial, and more… “Run as fast as you can, when you can”, “If you’re doing core work, you’re not doing enough running”. If you’ve never stumbled across Ultra Stu’s blog before, do it today, you won’t regret it!

Inspired and wired (on gels), we donned our running gear to hit the trails across the Long Mynd. Often surrounded by low cloud, battered by a side wind, and shin-deep in snow, we were distracted by great company and beautiful views. The only competitive aspect of the run was perhaps the rush for the showers at the end.

Sunday: Long Run

Sunday’s schedule was simple. You either ran a 2-hour circuit, or a 4-hour circuit, and your reward would be a well-earned hotpot in the hostel. The typical British weather did little to put the hardy group of trail runners off on what turned out to be an unforgettable day of running.

Picking up the pace
Torq Trail Team
Standing around ‘Torqing’

The Future

Torq and FreeStak have got big plans for this concept going forward, with plans for the next few years already being formulated. It’s fair to say that interest in this Trail Team will only grow, but who knows, if you stay up to date with Torq via their Facebook page; it could be YOU in 2014…

In the meantime, why not try out some of Torq’s amazing products?

Massive Thanks To (and links to their sites):



Ultra Stuart Mills

Roy Belchamber (Photography)

It’s also worth checking out some of the inspirational runners who attended the Torq TreamTeam assessment: 

Adam Breckon

Ben Sears 

Kristof Nowicki

Lindley Chambers

Reuben Tabner (The Bearded Runner)

Sam Robson



Our SKORA and XERO SHOES Give-Away Update

Barefoot and minimalist runners, listen up! 

Would you like to win a pair of SKORA Base running shoes?

How about a pair of Xero Shoes huarache-style running sandals?


We’re giving away a pair of each once our Facebook page hits 250 Page Likes! 

We had originally stated we’d hold on until we got to 350 Page Likes – but rather than test your patience, we thought we’d strip it down to just 250 Page Likes, to give all you barefoot and minimalist runners a better chance of winning!

And to push the boat out a little further, if we hit 250 Page Likes before the end of March, you will also have the chance to win one of three Torq goodie bags (worth £12.50 each!).

Why not head over to our Facebook page now, Like our page, and Share it with your running buddies? 

skora- torq xero shos running competition
It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation

FEETUS IS ALIVE! (with 25% off for you!)

If you love the best barefoot and minimalist running shoes on the market – You will love

To celebrate the launch of our new online store we are giving YOU 25% off EVERYTHING (including: Vibram FiveFingers, VivoBarefoot, Merrell, Inov-8, New Balance, Xero Shoes, and much, much more!)

25% off Vibram FiveFingers, VivoBarefoot, Merrell, Inov-8, New Balance, Xero Shoes, O1M One Moment, Injinji socks, SportTape, GU, Torq, and more
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 This offer ends midnight 28-February-2013 and is open to everyone in the UK and EU

Trail Runners – An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Torq Trail Running Gels Drinks Energy
Become a Torq Trail Runner

This is an opportunity of a life-time for all you trail runners! Is it wrong to call it a trail runner’s wet dream? Perhaps, but please withhold judgement until you have read this:

TORQ is looking for runners who will join the TORQ Trail Team for 2013 and enjoy many of the benefits of a professional running team.
Anyone who is committed to running on the trails and exploring the outdoors – as well as their own limits – is encouraged to apply to be part of the team: this is not just for elite runners.
Those successful in being selected for the team will spend a year as part of the TORQ Trail Team, with many of the benefits usually only available to professional teams, including:

  • A nutritional assessment and nutrition products from TORQ Fitness
  • Team-branded kit for training and racing
  • A three day training and preparation trip running in the Alps on the UTMB course around Chamonix from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd June 2013
  • Appearances in features in Trail Running Magazine
  • Support and advice throughout the season

The sign-up process is easy. All you have to do is fill in a simple form, here:

Don’t forget – goes live very soon. Keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of some fantastic competitions PLUS some exclusive discounts: Feetus on Facebook and Feetus on Twitter

Happy running!

Torq Logo

An Army Marches on its Stomach

An Army Marches on its Stomach

Famous words by Napoleon Bonaparte. And it’s completely true.

How many of us have ‘hit the wall’ or ‘bonked’ on a long run? If you have, I’m sure you will have vowed never to hit that wall again!

I remember one time heading out on the bike with a plan of cycling a straightforward out-and-back across the Cleveland Way. It was one of those perfect days for cycling – sunny, warm, no wind (very rare on the North York Moors!) and so I got carried away, and decided to keep on riding. Of course, the extra distance I was covering only meant I had that same extra distance to cover on the way back.

Cutting a long story short: I was ill-equipped. The food and drink I was carrying was insufficient. I became seriously fatigued, weak, and disorientated. I took a break by a trail in Guisborough Forest, and then opted to curl up in a ball, feeling sorry for myself. I was ‘rescued’ (haha!) by a couple out walking, who kindly donated a Cadbury’s Boost. That gave me enough energy to continue cycling until I found myself with enough phone signal to call my wife for a lift. #Embarrassing!

Try hitting the wall

I learned my lesson the hard way. It might sound crazy but I would recommend everyone to hit the wall during a training run. You’ll certainly earn some wisdom points for it, and will hopefully never make that mistake again during a race!

What causes bonking?

In short, you bonk due to low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), effectively running out of fuel for your body and your brain.

How to avoid hitting the wall

Simplistically: Eat properly for exercise, and eat at regular intervals. Find out which foods suit you best – which are easiest to consume, to digest, and what you enjoy most.

Fuel-up at

Variety is the spice of life, right? We’re proud to be stocking a top range of sports nutrition from different brands, offering energy gels, bars, and drinks in some top flavours.

  • Torq – My weapon of choice. All ingredients are derived from natural sources, meaning next-to-no chance of getting a stomach upset when it matters!
  • GU – A bestseller in America. A great range of flavours!
  • RunningFood – Relative newcomers to the market with big potential. Chia seed based drink and delicious flapjack.

Why not order a few to see which you like best?

And finally… The moral of the story

Always fuel when out running, cycling, or any form of endurance sport, and refuel sufficiently. Failing this: play dead and ask for a Boost!