Vibram FiveFingers - New for 2014

Vibram FiveFingers 2014 Sneak Peak #1: The KSO EVO

Goodbye KSO. Hello KSO EVO


We recently got hold of the Spring/Summer 2014 Vibram Catalogue, and thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the new and exciting ‘barefoot’ (or not-so-barefoot) shoes that are going to be available.

A few weeks back we broke the news of Vibram’s plans for the Bikila EVO, and also of the controversial Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid, and over the coming week we’re going to feature some of Vibram’s offerings for next year.


I love the KSO (Keep Stuff Out): My first pair of FiveFingers was a KSO and they lasted me around 700 miles. I ran in them everywhere and really put them through their paces. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one whose first pair were a KSO either. Their aesthetics, practicality, foot coverage and ground feel made them the ideal choice. Even today, my current KSOs are my go-to shoe for short/mid-distance road running and indoor fitness. They really are a versatile, ‘do-it-all’ shoe.

Next year will see the KSO retire, and will be replaced by the KSO EVO.

An excerpt from the 2014 Vibram FiveFingers catalogue
An excerpt from the 2014 Vibram FiveFingers catalogue: The KSO EVO

The KSO EVO will feature the serrated blade lug sole as can be seen in SS13’s men’s EL-X (Entry Level Cross-Trainer), and the ladies’ lovely Entrada and Alitza, with a maximum sole thickness of just 4.7mm.

You will also notice that the Velcro is making an exit, and instead we’re being introduced to a new KSO that is lace-only – the KSO EVO comprising of Vibram’s Speed Lace System.


Here’s What Vibram Have To Say About the SS14 KSO EVO

Built on a platform that offers the best ground feedback in our line, the KSO EVO is one of three shoes that round out our new category: max-Feel. A reinforced upper and speed lace allows for easy entry and a snug fit while the zig-zag patterned sole provides grip and flexibility in all directions. Feel more under foot with more versatility.

    • Weight: M43 = 4.9oz W38 = 3.5oz
    • Max Sole Thickness: 4.7mm
    • Insole: 2mm EVA + Anti Microbial Drilex Sockliner
    • Machine Wash Cold/Air Dry



Making the KSO redundant is an incredibly brave move by Vibram. A hugely popular shoe for both men and women, the KSO has been around since FiveFingers shot to popularity after Christopher McDougall’s bestseller Born to Run.

It’s good to see Vibram have maintained the all-black colour-way that has proved to be a bestseller in the KSO.

Many will miss the original ‘razor-siped’ TC-1 rubber sole of the KSO (that also featured on the Speed, Flow, and Classic styles), but it has been superseded by a superior Vibram XS Trek Compound sole. Feedback from customers who have been wearing the EL-X (which features this same sole) has been really positive, so I am sure this will go down well. The jury is still out on how many miles this new sole can sustain.

Vibram’s decision not to offer a Velcro alternative is also quite a surprise, but with the growing popularity of the lace-up styles, this is probably a wise decision.

All in all – This is a radical change and a very bold decision by Vibram, but upon studying the changes closer, they make a lot of sense – and I am certain the KSO EVO will prove to be equally, if not more popular than its predecessor.


Vibram FiveFingers KSO
R.I.P. Old Friend: The KSO

Looking to get a pair before they become obsolete? Click here…

Next up… We’ll be taking a closer look at the also-new-for-2014 Bikila EVO

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Cushioning. Stability. Heel-to-Toe Drop. Arch Support. Protection… It’s The New Vibram FiveFingers

Earlier this week we took a closer look at what Vibram had to offer during the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. This included a surprise offering from the minimalist maestros, the FiveFingers Bikila EVO – Vibram’s first EVA cushioned running shoe. Further, Vibram literally dazzled everyone with their Smart Concept sole – a sole that features integrated headlights, a tail light, and optional sensors.

Today, we bring you another new style of Vibram FiveFingers. This one wasn’t showcased at the Outdoor Retailer show, so this one really is a sneak peak!

Before you read on, it’s worth issuing a little health warning to die-hard FiveFingers fans. This ‘barefoot’ shoe contains cushioning, a heel-to-toe drop, and arch support.

Introducing The Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid

Vibram have put their 70-years of rubber-processing expertise to come up with a new generation sneaker. The all-new Vybrid is the result of intensive research and continual testing and development conducted at Vibram’s Technology Centre in Guangzhou, China.

The Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid
The Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid

Certainly, the Vybrid is another of Vibram’s ‘loud’-looking offerings, with illuminous, reflective lines spanning the upper fabric. The Vybrid is also technologically superior, and serves the wearer very well for active comfort. Versatile: you’ll be happy to wear this ‘barefoot’ shoe for walking, hiking, as urbanwear, leisure time, and when travelling.

The Vybrid - Perfect for pushing your broke-down moped around the streets of Milano
The Vybrid – Perfect for pushing your broke-down moped around the streets of Milano

The Five Technological Benefits of the Vybrid

  • Individual Toe Pockets allowing your toes to flex and splay naturally and the foot to move with limited restriction.
  • Forefoot: A slight drop from heel to toe, which according o Vibram, provides the toes with more grip and helps toes to flex.
  • Waist: semi-rigid anatomical shank to help support the arch
  • Midsole: thin and soft EVA to distribute force on impact
  • Heel: a pronounced heel which helps ‘protect and support the foot on impact’
A closer look at the EVA midsole
A closer look at the EVA midsole

Colourful (and Controversial)

The Vybrid will be available in four different colours, each featuring innovative 3M material for night visibility. The fabric will be breathable and will also feature a neoprene sock to improve the foot’s stability and traction on the heel.

The Sole

Believed to be called the ‘Vibrida’, the sole looks like a more walking-friendly Trek (Trek Sport) sole, with the looks less aggressive and more shallow in depth. Although specific details have not yet been released about the shoe, you will notice that the sole looks a good 1cm in height, with clear (although slight) height difference between heel and toe.

It seems Vibram FiveFingers are moving in a different direction from the one they originally set out upon. From their old slogan ‘YOU ARE THE TECHNOLOGY’ they now advertise ‘Discover the new urban technology from Vibram’.


We’ll be sharing our opinion on the new styles soon, but in the meantime, it would be great to hear what everyone else thinks about the Vybrid and the Bikila EVO, as well as these new styles that we don’t know too much about yet…

Submit comments below…

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The world-famous Vibram logo

Vibram Dazzle Fans At The Outdoor Retailer Show

Yesterday we brought to you news that Vibram FiveFingers are planning on releasing a cushioned ‘barefoot’ running shoe called the Bikila EVO. Today, we want to reveal another of Vibram’s latest innovations…


Introducing Vibram’s new Smart Concept Sole

If you asked Vibram to shed some light on what they think the future holds for sports footwear, you may get more than you bargained for. They may take out some shoes from a box, and literally shed some light.

Vibram Smart Concept Sole
Headlights, check!

Fitted with a remote controlled LED lighting system that allows the soles to illuminate the ground ahead, Vibram are expecting soles of future footwear to be embedded with sensors that warn the wearer of potential hazards. Interesting.

This was another of those ‘wow’ shoes recently exhibited at last week’s Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. They claim the Smart Concept Sole was inspired by military operations, firefighting and law enforcement, and the sole includes an integrated electronic board for controlling integrated hardware, as well as a fob-sized remote control. Further down the line, you could expect to see such remote actions being controlled by smartphone apps.

The Smart Concept sole has three brightness settings plus a flashing red LED tail light. Vibram envision the sole of the future to offer much more. Sensors with warning system, gas sensors, proximity sensors, an temperature sensors to name but a few.

Guaranteed to brighten up your nightlife
Guaranteed to brighten up your nightlife

vibramsmartconceptsole-2 vibramsmartconceptsole-5

Vibram's Smart Concept Sole - Guaranteed to brighten up your nightlife
Vibram’s Bright Idea


When Can I Expect To See These Dazzling Shoes?

A release date for such a sole is still a way off. The Smart Concept sole is still just a concept. While it may seem a little daft to some, take a moment to realise the benefits such a sole could have for sports such as ultra-running and night running, cycling and commuting by bike, camping, and other night-time activities. Vibram provide soles for some of the best-known shoe manufacturers in the world, so if they were to pursue this technology, it would most likely be at the request of a third part manufacturer (or at the request of my kids!!)


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Barefoot runner, cycling fanatic, outdoor-lover, Lee Firman is the man behind Click here to read more.

Sneak Preview: 2014 Looks Big, Soft, and Cushioned.

Sit tight FiveFingers fans. We have some news about Vibram FiveFingers – and we’re not sure what to make of it…

During this year’s Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, running shoe manufacturers presented their new offerings for 2014. It appears that the consensus is that bigger is better in 2014.

The Rise (Literally… Pun Intended!) Of Hoka

You may have seen cushioned shoes rise in popularity over the last year or so – especially the rise of Hoka. With their huge rolling, ‘rockering’ soles offering maximum protection, they claim their oversized EVA midsoles ensures a more natural stride. Many of my ultra-running friends have tried Hoka – all with very mixed results.

Next year, Hoka seem to have set the standard, and running shoe manufacturers want to compete. But first up – here’s the new-for-2014 Hoke One One Conquest.

The HOKA One One Conquest
The HOKA One One Conquest

Altra: From Minimalist to Gigantic 

Many of you may have heard of Altra, a US-based running shoe manufacturer who coined the ‘Zero-Drop’ label. Initially, they seemed happy to jump on the minimalist bandwagon, offering shoes that were low in profile, whilst maintaining no difference in sole ‘stack’ from heel to toe.

Now, it appears Altra are shying away from the minimalist shoe, or at least, that’s where they are heading with their new model ‘The Olympus’. Maintaining the ‘zero-drop’ approach, the Olympus is a highly cushioned shoe with 32mm under both heel and toe.

The Altra Olympus
The Altra Olympus

Brooks and New Balance 

A lot of the other manufacturers seem to have gone for the deep, cushioned style. Here, Brooks’ Transcend claims to offer the softest ride of any other Brooks model.

Brooks Transcend
Brooks Transcend

New Balance have developed the Fresh Foam 980 – and to me, the way the sidewall of the sole slopes inward toward the bottom, makes it look a little too unbalanced. Watch those ankles.

New Balance Fresh Foam
New Balance Fresh Foam

And Vibram FiveFingers Present the Bikila EVO

Who would’ve thought? Vibram producing a ‘cushioned’ shoe… Never!?!?!

Well it seems the desire for cushioning has made its way to the champions of barefoot, the emblematic minimalist footwear makers Vibram. Introducing the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO – Built on the ever-popular Bikila (LS), the EVO features a full-length foam midsole to soften your ride. [I thought they told us we didn’t need anything to soften the ride?]

The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO
The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO


Little-known to many, Iguaneye are also releasing their men’s style later in 2013, and we think that Iguaneye’s super-minimalist sneakers will be a huge hit in 2014. Watch this space.

Iguaneye's super-minimalist sneakers: Bound for Glory in 2014
Iguaneye’s super-minimalist sneakers: Bound for Glory in 2014


And finally, Vibram have another new model for 2014… one that I think many will find quite tasty. But we will save that for tomorrow.

…thanks to Jeff Dengate, editor from Runners World for the fantastic sneak-peak imagery.


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The Brand New Vibram FiveFingers SS13 Stock Is Here!

We received a BIG ORDER from Vibram yesterday. 

In this BIG order, included the red-hot EL-X and the super-cool Trek Sport Sandal – Both of which are brand new styles of Vibram FiveFingers for Spring/Summer 2013.

EL-X Grey / Orange / Black

EL-X - Black
EL-X – Black

It has taken a lot longer than we expected for them to arrive, but we’re glad they’re here – and they’re in good company too. Popular styles are now (finally) replenished after Vibram’s popularity in the UK saw the likes of the Bikila LS, the KSO, and the Trek Sport SELL OUT!

The Bestseller: The Bikila LS
The Bestseller: The Bikila LS
The Ever-Popular Trail Favourite: The Trek Sport
The Ever-Popular Trail Favourite: The Trek Sport
The Mighty KSO
The Mighty KSO

In their debut day, the EL-X has proved most popular by a country mile, dominating our orders. Not surprisingly really, given it is now Vibram’s best-value offering – as well as being so lightweight, versatile, and good-looking.


We always like to say ‘Thanks’ to our customers – That’s why we pop gifts in each order. But on this occasion, we owe a huge thank you to our patient customers who endured the long wait for their Vibram FiveFingers. THANKS!

…And our customers like to say Thanks too: Check out these lovely reviews here:


Free Delivery and Free Gift

Don’t forget… All of the barefoot and minimalist running shoes come with FREE DELIVERY, and if you spend over £50 with us, we also give you a FREE FEETUS NECK TUBE.

Product Spotlight: The VIVOBAREFOOT Evo (£35.99)

The VIVOBAREFOOT Evo was released many moons ago, back in Spring 2010 (about the same time as the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila!), and has gone on to be one of the most popular shoes in the VIVOBAREFOOT range…

The Evo is an amazing shoe because it leaves your feet to function how nature intended. You’ll get maximum proprioception, whilst the sole protects your feet. You won’t find any cushioning, stabilisation, support or any of that nonsense in this ‘barefoot’ shoe – The Evo simply encourages you to run with your barefoot running form.

The Fit

As with all VIVOBAREFOOT models, the Evo features a wide toe box to allow your toes to splay in a natural way, to grip and to breathe. The sole is puncture-resistant, yet it so flexible that you can roll up the shoe!

The Price

We’ve slashed this price down (as well as many other VIVOBAREFOOT styles) for both men and women and wanted to tell you about it… Pick yours up from today for just £35.99. BARGAIN!

Gentlemen's EVO
Gentlemen’s EVO
Ladies' EVO
Ladies’ EVO

Check out the rest of the VIVOBAREFOOT range by clicking here…

Vibram logo

CQOTW3: Which Vibram FiveFingers for Every-day Use?

CQOTW: What type of model of Vibram FiveFingers can be used for every day use?

As with everything, this can all depend on personal preference. We all know that Vibram make some very quirky styles that are not for the faint-hearted (the Nizza!), and some outrageously bright styles (the SeeYa Day-glow); but they also make some models that are more relaxed, more socially acceptable, and less conspicuous. It is the latter that we will focus on for this week’s ‘Customer Question of the Week’.

The Vibram FiveFingers KSO

A lot of people enjoy wearing the KSO as a shoe that suits both running and lifestyle. This was one of Vibram’s earliest models and the sole is very thin, giving a great ‘barefoot’ feel.
The Vibram FiveFingers KSO
The Vibram FiveFingers KSO
The Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport
Trek Sport is also a popular choice. The black colour-way is less conspicuous and therefore looks a little more casual than some of Vibram’s more ‘vibrant’ models (i.e. SeeYa). The Trek Sport features a more rugges sole, designed for those who enjoy getting out in the trails and/or do light trekking. Again, stock levels are poor (unless you are size UK10+) but more will arrive very soon.
The Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek Sport
The Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek Sport
The Vibram FiveFingers Komodo Sport (KMD)
The Komodo Sport is another style that looks more like an every day trainer. It features a lacing system and a sensible colour-way. This shoe is designed with the gym-goer in mind, and so the sole is not agressive at all, making it ideal for general wear.
The Vibram FiveFingers Komodo (KMD) Sport (this version is the ladies)
The Vibram FiveFingers Komodo (KMD) Sport (this version is the ladies)
The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila
You may also like to consider the Bikila. Ideal for road running, for gym use, but many enjoy the Bikila as a casual trainer. The Bikila is a men’s bestseller for Feetus, and we stock this model in a variety of colours as well as Velcro and lace-up (Bikila LS) versions.
The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS
The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS

Additionally… Vibram’s Spring/Summer 2013 (SS13) Collection is making its way to the UK very soon. This range cover the Trek Sport Sandal, EL-X, Alitza, plus more. You can pre-order yours now and we’ll have them shipped out to you via Special Delivery as soon as they come in! 

If there are any styles, colours, or sizes that we do not stock – please get in touch with us, and we’ll order them in specially for you (and offer them to you at the best possible price!)

And remember – be aware that there are counterfeit (fake) models out there. Make sure you buy genuine… Click here to see why. 

The Ugly Sister: Vibram soles should never wear out so soon. Nor should the TC1 rubber change colour

CQOTW2: Why Should I Buy Genuine Vibram FiveFingers?

CQOTW: Why should I fork out for a pair of Genuine Vibram FiveFingers, when I can buy a Fake pair on Ebay?

This week’s ‘Customer Question of the Week’ came from a friend, and I too remember asking myself the same question several years ago whilst contemplating my second pair of Vibrams. It can be quite easy to forget that when you buy a pair of shoes – you’re actually investing in top materials; a product of many, many hours of research; a particular (not to mention consistent) fit – and not just something that looks good.

My Bin Bag Analogy: It won’t work out cheaper

Have you ever, whilst doing you weekly grocery shop, looked at bin bags? You pick up a roll of bin bags for £1.99 and say to yourself “blimey – that’s expensive – I only need them to put the rubbish out!” then notice you can get some ‘value’ bin bags for a fraction of the price, and you get twice as many. You put the £1.99 bags back on the shelf, and throw the cheaper ones in your trolley.

Later that week, you go to empty your bin, and what happens? The bin bag splits. You have to clean up all the mess. You vow never to use the cheap bin bags again and make your way back to the shop to opt for the bin bags you should have bought in the first place. It has cost you time, hassle, and money.

Don’t Make That Mistake With Your Vibrams

Back in early 2011, I picked up a pair of (Counterfeit!) Vibram FiveFingers Bikila on Ebay for around £45. I was really sceptical and expected the worst. Then they arrived. After waiting (a few weeks!!) for the package to arrive, I opened the mailing bag and was amazed to see what looked like a perfectly genuine Vibram FiveFingers box.

I opened up the box. The Bikilas were wrapped in tissue as normal. They looked and felt exactly like a genuine pair. I was surprised. A lot of fake Vibrams I’d seen on Ebay were dreadful! I thought I’d bagged a huge bargain and couldn’t wait to go for a run.

Fake Bikilas On Test

The counterfeit Bikilas endured a 12-mile debut.

Although they seemed to fit perfectly normal, I could feel rubbing in various places. The stitching inside was clearly not Vibram-standard. And although the sole felt flexible, the shoes felt light, and they looked very smart – I didn’t enjoy running them at all. They felt awkward.

The Ugly Sister: Vibram soles should never wear out so soon. Nor should the TC1 rubber change colour
The Ugly Sister: Vibram soles should never wear out so soon. Nor should the TC1 rubber change colour
Worn Out: Counterfeit Vibrams showing heavy signs of wear after just 12 miles
Worn Out: Counterfeit Vibrams showing heavy signs of wear after just 12 miles

I returned home with sore feet. I peeled the shoes from my feet to reveal several areas of blistering, and the shoes were stained with blood from rubbing.

The biggest complaint was with the sole. Vibram make some of the best soles in the world. They are a household name, on the same level with the likes of Gore-Tex (waterproofing), YKK (zips!) and Lycra, and Vibram soles are extremely durable. This fake sole however, looked as though it had been put through a 500+ mile test! The colours had worn out and some of the midsole was very heavily worn! The shoes were absolutely useless! 

I Got Lucky

Many of the fake styles available on Ebay are much, much worse. They come in unofficial colourways, some don’t look or fit anything like a genuine pair, and others don’t even arrive at your doorstep, even though you’ve paid for them!!

The Neighbour from Hell: At first glance he seems genuine, but give it a while and he'll turn nasty!
The Neighbour from Hell: At first glance he seems genuine, but give it a while and he’ll turn nasty!
The counterfeit looks very genuine. It is difficult to spot, unless you compare with a geuine VFF side-by-side
The counterfeit looks very genuine. It is difficult to spot, unless you compare with a geuine VFF side-by-side

…Now You See The Relationship between a Bin Bag and FiveFingers

It cost me much more than it should have done. I paid for a counterfeit pair, and then (rather reluctantly) had to buy another pair (this time genuine). It served me right. I learned my lesson, and I hope you learn from my mistake.


See our fantastic range of GENUINE Viram FiveFingers

See our previous CTOTW where we look at Vibram FiveFingers: Velcro vs Laces

Our full range of barefoot and minimalist running shoes

CQOTW: Vibram FiveFingers: Laces or Velcro?

Customer Question of the Week

Every week we get plenty of questions from customers. So many in fact, that we have decided to dedicate a blog post each week to our favourite customer question, which we have abbreviated to ‘CQOTW’. So, without further ado, here is our inaugural CQOTW:

CQOTW1 – Vibram FiveFingers: Which is best, Velcro or Laces?

Vibram’s range of Velcro-fastening shoes are definitely the fastest and most versatile.

The KSO and Komodo Sport shoes have a Velcro that wraps around the heel and then fastens into place over the top of your foot. The Bikila and SeeYa range are more of a slipper-style (no rear strap), with the Velcro fastening over the top of your foot. Shoes that have just one Velcro strap such as the Bikila and SeeYa are less secure, albeit very slightly.

Laces are regarded by most as giving the most secure fit. Despite Vibram’s speed-lacing system, they still take longer to put on than a Velcro counterpart. Laced versions also offer slightly less ventilation, and have less of a barefoot feel.

A Personal Opinion

Personally, I prefer the Velcro versions of all Vibrams. This is because I have narrow feet and when I tie the laces, I feel that there is too much excessive lace (due to having to pull them tighter than normal).

If you have a normal width foot, or have wide feet, go with whichever – they will both serve you just as well.

Looks DO Matter

Taking in to consideration the above, consider looks. Which do you think look the best, lace or Velcro? That may just determine your final choice…

One final note

I have found that runners prefer laces, and gym-goers prefer Velcros. I have no scientific evidence for this, however, I think this is probably due to laces being a more conventional ‘look’ in running shoes, whereas gym-goers often like to look like they are wearing the latest trend – and Velcro, you could argue, looks a little more quirky and unconventional.

Here’s a handy table to help you find your perfect training partner:




Bikila LS (Black/Green)

Bikila LS (Blue/Grey)

SeeYa LS

TrekSport Sandal

Komodo Sport LS

Lontra LS

SeeYa LS

TrekSport Sandal

Komodo Sport LS

Bikila LS



Bikila (Silver/Black)Bikila (Black/Red)KSOSeeYa

KSO TrekSport



Komodo Sport

KSO TrekSport



Any More Questions?

Feel free to drop us a line if you have a burning question. Who knows? It may just feature as our CQOTW!