Earlier this week we took a closer look at what Vibram had to offer during the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. This included a surprise offering from the minimalist maestros, the FiveFingers Bikila EVO – Vibram’s first EVA cushioned running shoe. Further, Vibram literally dazzled everyone with their Smart Concept sole – a sole that features integrated headlights, a tail light, and optional sensors.

Today, we bring you another new style of Vibram FiveFingers. This one wasn’t showcased at the Outdoor Retailer show, so this one really is a sneak peak!

Before you read on, it’s worth issuing a little health warning to die-hard FiveFingers fans. This ‘barefoot’ shoe contains cushioning, a heel-to-toe drop, and arch support.

Introducing The Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid

Vibram have put their 70-years of rubber-processing expertise to come up with a new generation sneaker. The all-new Vybrid is the result of intensive research and continual testing and development conducted at Vibram’s Technology Centre in Guangzhou, China.

The Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid
The Vibram FiveFingers Vybrid

Certainly, the Vybrid is another of Vibram’s ‘loud’-looking offerings, with illuminous, reflective lines spanning the upper fabric. The Vybrid is also technologically superior, and serves the wearer very well for active comfort. Versatile: you’ll be happy to wear this ‘barefoot’ shoe for walking, hiking, as urbanwear, leisure time, and when travelling.

The Vybrid - Perfect for pushing your broke-down moped around the streets of Milano
The Vybrid – Perfect for pushing your broke-down moped around the streets of Milano

The Five Technological Benefits of the Vybrid

  • Individual Toe Pockets allowing your toes to flex and splay naturally and the foot to move with limited restriction.
  • Forefoot: A slight drop from heel to toe, which according o Vibram, provides the toes with more grip and helps toes to flex.
  • Waist: semi-rigid anatomical shank to help support the arch
  • Midsole: thin and soft EVA to distribute force on impact
  • Heel: a pronounced heel which helps ‘protect and support the foot on impact’
A closer look at the EVA midsole
A closer look at the EVA midsole

Colourful (and Controversial)

The Vybrid will be available in four different colours, each featuring innovative 3M material for night visibility. The fabric will be breathable and will also feature a neoprene sock to improve the foot’s stability and traction on the heel.

The Sole

Believed to be called the ‘Vibrida’, the sole looks like a more walking-friendly Trek (Trek Sport) sole, with the looks less aggressive and more shallow in depth. Although specific details have not yet been released about the shoe, you will notice that the sole looks a good 1cm in height, with clear (although slight) height difference between heel and toe.

It seems Vibram FiveFingers are moving in a different direction from the one they originally set out upon. From their old slogan ‘YOU ARE THE TECHNOLOGY’ they now advertise ‘Discover the new urban technology from Vibram’.


We’ll be sharing our opinion on the new styles soon, but in the meantime, it would be great to hear what everyone else thinks about the Vybrid and the Bikila EVO, as well as these new styles that we don’t know too much about yet…

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5 thoughts on “Cushioning. Stability. Heel-to-Toe Drop. Arch Support. Protection… It’s The New Vibram FiveFingers

    My gut reaction to these and the other super padded bikila is “why?”
    The speed sole is so padded already.
    I would rather have seen a focus on refining the minimalist models, than a focus on how to add padding I do not want/need

    Cushioning. Stability. Arch Support. It’s Vibram FiveFingers | Feetus lunettes oakley pas cher http://www.87wg.com

    These are exactly what I’m after!

    It’s not just about barefoot sports; modern shoes keep the muscles in the feet lazy, but by going back to being ‘barefoot’ again helps to stimulate the foot muscles properly and get them working again, which has got to be good for everyone.

    I’d love to get my hands on a pair of these now; I hate having to go back to traditional shoes or boots when the weather gets bad, although it would be great to have a pair you could wear in the snow that keep your feet dry and warm!

    My Wife wants a pair too! 😉

    I’d often seen many people used to wear such shoes but I always used to think that they’ll get damaged early but one of my friend insisted me to buy them at least once and believe me today almost all the pairs of shoes are of these only.

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