Delays, Delays, Delays!

Just a quick update on the new Injinji stock and other products.

We have been advised that there is further delays on the latest shipment coming over by sea. We have been told that the freighter is not due to be docking until later this month, so delays could push into November! Very sorry about this folks, but we will have these ready ASAP.

Injinji Autumn Winter 2020 Range Released

Something to smile about, finally! The Injinji Autumn Winter 2020 Range has been announced! Lets check out the new colour-ways for the coming season!

So, what is new from Injinji for their Autumn/Winter 2020 range?

From Injinji …

Each season we strive to innovate and improve upon our products to help runners and athletes reach their peak performance. This season we delivered new looks to our Trail and Run series. We’re proud to expand our Spectrum direct-to-garment line with the Trail Midweight Mini-Crew and Women’s Trail Midweight Mini-Crew. Additionally, building upon the success of the Run redesign from our previous season, the Run Lightweight and Original Weight Mini-Crew socks have an overall new look while maintaining the same fibers, fit and feel.

So we have some new Trail designs, and some of the changes made in the Spring/Summer range (specifically changing the solid black range to black/grey) have been pushed into the RUN mini-crew range as well.

There are new Trail designs in the Women’s and the unisex range. In the Women’s range, we now have 2 new colour-ways in the mini-crew range; Chevron and Jupiter, and in the crew size, we have Legend (check out the images below). All in all, all 3 are nice additions to the range, no complaints from us!

In the unisex range, we have similar additions, 2 new colour-ways in the mini-crew size, and 1 in the crew size; Fences, Jewel and Peak, respectively (images below). As with the Women’s mini-crew range, we have one sock with a black foot and a styled cuff, and one full colour. Nothing to daring, and both are nice on the eye. In the Trail Crew range for the unisex though, a little disappointed there isn’t anything a little more exciting! The new Peak style is not a million miles away from the range standard Granite colour. Nevertheless, is a nice addition and look great on the feet as always.

Injinji Autumn/Winter 2020 New Women’s Line Up:

AW2020 Injinji Range - Womens Chevron
Injinji Womens Trail Mini-Crew Chevron
Injinji Womens Trail Mini-Crew Jupiter
Injinji Womens Trail Crew Legend









Injinji Autumn/Winter 2020 New Unisex Line Up:

Injinji Trail Mini-Crew Fences
Injinji Trail Mini-Crew Jewel
Injinji Trail Crew Peak










So, when can you buy them? We usually expect our Autumn Winter Range to arrive at the beginning of September, however, we have already been advised of delays so are expecting them towards the end of September/beginning of October, fingers crossed! We will update you again as soon as they arrive with us!

Join the Feetus Strava Club

Use Strava? Remember to Join Our Club!

So many people are using tech to track and monitor their running progress, even more so during the national lockdowns. One of the most popular running apps, that you can use on your phone or smart watch, is Strava!

If you use Strava, make sure to join our Barefoot & Minimalist running club! We are trying to bring together runners from around the world that either run barefoot, or use one of many barefoot/minimalist running shoes such as Vibram FiveFingers, Xero, Merrell, Altra and more. Even if you don’t, or haven’t taken the plunge into the minimalist shoe yet, join the club and ask the community questions, share tips and advice, or just be ultra competitive and be top of the club!

I have certainly used Strava more and more recently, and now the old bike has been dusted off, I have been using it to track my rides as well as hikes!

So, get involved! Click the link below or search ‘Feetus’ in the club search on Strava, or click the image below.

Click here to check out our barefoot running club
Click here to check out our barefoot running club

Injinji Summer Stock Is Here!

Slightly delayed but Injinji Summer stock has now arrived!

The latest lineup from Injinji include some new colour-ways on several sock types, as well as updates to previous colour-ways.

From Injinji…

In 2013, we debuted Performance 2.0, a revamped line of Run, Trail and Sport series that provided more technical socks by fine tuning the fit and increasing the durability for various activities. Since then, we’ve expanded on that principle to develop additional series of socks aimed at runners, hikers and athletes. This year we decided to revamp our Run and Women’s Run line giving it an overall new look while not compromising on the fibers, fit and feel. In addition to the new designs, Spring / Summer 2020 features new bold Spectrum designs and new colors on our Ultra Run and Liner + Runner series.

So what new colours have we seen from Injinji? Lets start with the Injinji Women’s range. Injinji have brought through two new Spectrum colours in the Women’s Run Lightweight No-Show, these are Lush and Decode, both shown here. Both socks offer striking designs, as we have came to love from the Injinji Spectrum range. Injinji have also brought out two new designs in the non Spectrum range, these include Jewel and Tiger, which we think will be very popular!


Injinji have also brought in some new colours in the Women’s Ultra Run range. In the No-Show, there is the Prchid and the Daisy, while in the Crew, just the Orchid has came through.


In the Injini unisex range, there are a fair few additions, as well as a change up to an old favourite! Injinji have decided to replace the black sock, with a new design. What used to be solid black, Injinji have replaced with the new design, which is black with dark grey on the upper part of the sock. Not to sure how we feel about this as black is always a favourite, but they do still look good, so we will see what you guys think of them! In the Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show, there are also a couple of new additions; Malibu and Limeade. Both fantastic colours and we think both will be very popular with you guys!

Next up is the Injinji Ultra Run, in No-Show and Crew. Both have had some new colours added. In the No-Show, there is Solar and Crimson, and in the Crew, as with the Women’s range, just the one colour-way has been added, and this is the Crimson colour. The Ultra Run sock has been a popular choice since Injinji brought that range out, and is arguabley one of the comfiest socks in the range due to the padding in the socks, particularly underneath, it just feels really nice to walk around in, and even better on a run!

Other than that, there are some carry over styles which have stuck around from the 2019 range, which we are glad about, these include some of the Trail ranges in both the Women’s and Unisex ranges.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you head over to our Injinji Socks page in the shop and check out this range and more.

Covid-19 Service Update

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let everybody know that we are now back to normal service, operating and sending out orders 5 days a week.

We have had to make some changes to the Feetus office to ensure everything is done safely, and this means that only 1 person is allowed in the office at once. This may lead to a slight delay here and there, but I am aiming to have everything running as smooth as possible.

This also means that unfortunately, for now, we will only be sending orders out, and will be unable to accommodate any click and collect or office visits for our customers.

Until next time, keep safe and keep running!

Vibram FiveFingers


It’s Spring, and along with most of the Country, and World for that matter, we have had more time on our hands than usual. So, we decided to have a complete clear out of our Vibram FiveFinger and Furoshiki stock and have a Vibram clearance event.

Right now, every single pair of Vibrams has been reduced between 30 and 50%, starting from as low as £39.99. Plus, we are giving an EXTRA 5% OFF and a FREE Fappa with every order!

We have also just taken delivery of the Summer 2020 Injinji range, more about that in another blog post tomorrow, but all are online now, check them out here.

Feetus – What have we been up to?

Hello and welcome back to the Feetus blog. You may be wondering what Feetus has been up to, as we’ve been fairly quiet over the last year. Well as you may have seen on social media or a previous blog post we actually had a little fetus of our own , a baby girl born in November last year.

It was also last year that we had an extremely rough time with the launch of our new website. What was supposed to be quite a smooth transition turned out to be a six month plus ordeal of issue after issue with moving data across from the old site including customer data product data and the likes and it just turned out to be an extremely laborious task. However, we are now on the other side of it and I’m happy to say that the new website is up and running, fully functional and working better than ever.  You’ll now find that you can use the website much more easily on mobile and tablet devices you can manage your account in a lot more detail, request returns online and it also allows us to manage your orders in a much more efficient way. So what started off being a very very drawn out process of launching a new website has finally ended up completed.

And as if that wasn’t enough and just because we don’t like to do things by halves, we have also moved premises no less than three times in the last roughly 12 to 18 months. We moved into a new unit which had an attempted break-in over Christmas of 2018 so we moved out of there immediately and moved back into where our offices were located temporarily. We then stayed there little longer than expected, then we moved again and for a third and final time to the premises where we are right now where we have combined our office and warehouse into one unit. We did this with the same mindset of relaunching the website in that it would vastly improve our efficiency in processing and managing orders.

Now this turbulent last year or so has not only had a huge impact on how we actually run the business but it’s also had a huge and very disappointing impact on the level and quality of service that we provide. Many, many of our customers will know that we hold ourselves to extremely high standards of customer service and with everything that’s gone on over the last year, we have seen those levels drop, which is for me the worst part of the whole situation and one that I can’t apologise enough for. We had a period between websites where orders disappeared into the cosmos and we were unable to access our old system to process these. I have tried to address this issue, but if anybody was affected by this, please do contact me on so I can make it right!

Now we have the global pandemic that is the Corona Virus, but I think we’ll leave that for another blog post!