Slightly delayed but Injinji Summer stock has now arrived!

The latest lineup from Injinji include some new colour-ways on several sock types, as well as updates to previous colour-ways.

From Injinji…

In 2013, we debuted Performance 2.0, a revamped line of Run, Trail and Sport series that provided more technical socks by fine tuning the fit and increasing the durability for various activities. Since then, we’ve expanded on that principle to develop additional series of socks aimed at runners, hikers and athletes. This year we decided to revamp our Run and Women’s Run line giving it an overall new look while not compromising on the fibers, fit and feel. In addition to the new designs, Spring / Summer 2020 features new bold Spectrum designs and new colors on our Ultra Run and Liner + Runner series.

So what new colours have we seen from Injinji? Lets start with the Injinji Women’s range. Injinji have brought through two new Spectrum colours in the Women’s Run Lightweight No-Show, these are Lush and Decode, both shown here. Both socks offer striking designs, as we have came to love from the Injinji Spectrum range. Injinji have also brought out two new designs in the non Spectrum range, these include Jewel and Tiger, which we think will be very popular!


Injinji have also brought in some new colours in the Women’s Ultra Run range. In the No-Show, there is the Prchid and the Daisy, while in the Crew, just the Orchid has came through.


In the Injini unisex range, there are a fair few additions, as well as a change up to an old favourite! Injinji have decided to replace the black sock, with a new design. What used to be solid black, Injinji have replaced with the new design, which is black with dark grey on the upper part of the sock. Not to sure how we feel about this as black is always a favourite, but they do still look good, so we will see what you guys think of them! In the Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show, there are also a couple of new additions; Malibu and Limeade. Both fantastic colours and we think both will be very popular with you guys!

Next up is the Injinji Ultra Run, in No-Show and Crew. Both have had some new colours added. In the No-Show, there is Solar and Crimson, and in the Crew, as with the Women’s range, just the one colour-way has been added, and this is the Crimson colour. The Ultra Run sock has been a popular choice since Injinji brought that range out, and is arguabley one of the comfiest socks in the range due to the padding in the socks, particularly underneath, it just feels really nice to walk around in, and even better on a run!

Other than that, there are some carry over styles which have stuck around from the 2019 range, which we are glad about, these include some of the Trail ranges in both the Women’s and Unisex ranges.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you head over to our Injinji Socks page in the shop and check out this range and more.