Vibram FiveFingers either 50% off OR £50 off! …only at

Vibram Sale: 50% or £50 off!

We don’t normally slash prices like this but… 

We’re moving office soon, so instead of taking all our stock with us, we thought we’d offer our fabulous customers the opportunity to pick some Vibrams up at either HALF PRICE or FIFTY QUID off!

The ladies have more to choose from than the gents, but there is still something available in all sizes. We’re expecting these Vibrams to shift fast, so if you’re interested, move fast!


Click above for all men's clearance
Click above for all men’s clearance
Popular styles such as the KMD Sport, Spyridon, EL-X and the Seeya.

Pick a size and see what we’ve got for you:

404142 / 4344454647


Click the image for women's clearance
Click the image for women’s clearance
Loads to choose from, including the KMD Sport & Seeya, plus some Merrell and VivoBarefoot running shoes.

Click on your size an see what’s in store:

37 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42